alienation (ay-lee-<<schwa>>-nay-sh<<schwa>>n or ayl-y<<schwa>>-nay-sh<<schwa>>n),

n.1. Withdrawal from former attachment; estrangement <alienation of affections>.2. Conveyance

or  transfer  of  property  to  another  <alienation  of  one’s  estate>.  [Cases:  Property    11.  C.J.S.

Property §§ 27, 33.] — alienative (ay-lee-<<schwa>>-nay-tiv orayl-y<<schwa>>-), adj.

“[A]ny  transfer  of  real  estate  short  of  a  conveyance  of  the  title  is  not  an  alienation  of  the

estate.” 4A John Alan Appleman & Jean Appleman, Insurance Law and  Practice § 2741, at 325

n.12 (rev. vol. 1969).

involuntary  alienation.Alienation  against  the  wishes  of  the  transferor,  as  by  attachment.  —

Also termed invo-luntary conveyance. [Blacks Law 8th]