aldermannus (al-d<<schwa>>r-man-<<schwa>>s). [Law Latin] Hist. An alderman.

aldermannus civitatis  vel burgi (siv-i-tay-tis vel b<<schwa>>r-jI).  An alderman  of a city  or

aldermannus  hundredi  seu  wapentachii  (h<<schwa>>n-dri-dIsyoo

wahp-<<schwa>>n-tay-kee-I). An alderman of a hundred or wapentake.

aldermannus regis (ree-jis). An alderman of the king, so called because he is appointed by the

king or gives the king’s judgment in the premises allotted to him.

aldermannus totius Angliae (toh-shee-<<schwa>>s ang-glee-ee). An alderman of all England,

similar to the chief justiciary of England in later times. See JUSTICIARY. [Blacks Law 8th]