airspace. The space that extends upward from the surface of land, esp. so far as is necessary

for the owner or possessor to have reasonable use and enjoyment of the incidents of its ownership

or possession. Cf. OUTER SPACE.

national  airspace.Int’l  law.  The  pillar  of  air  above  a  nation’s  territory  —  including  internal

waters and the territorial sea — over which it has complete and exclusive sovereignty and through

which foreign aircraft have no right of innocent passage. • There is no agreement on the boundary

between national airspace and outer space.

navigable airspace.The area above the legally established minimum flight altitudes, including

the area needed to ensure safe takeoffs and landings of aircraft. 49 USCA § 40102(a)(30). [Cases:

Aviation    3, 231. C.J.S. Aeronautics and Aerospace §§ 7–9, 21, 73.] [Blacks Law 8th]