AID.abbr.1.  See  artificial  insemination  by  donor  under  ARTIFICIAL  INSEMINATION  .


aid,n.  Hist.  1.A  subsidy  or  tax  granted  to  the  king  for  an  extraordinary  purpose.  —  Also

termed grant-in-aid. 2. A benevolence or tribute (i.e., a sum of money) granted by the tenant to his

lord in times of difficulty and distress. • Over time, these grants grew from being discretionary to

matters  of  right.  The  three  principal  aids  were:  (1)  to  ransom  the  lord’s  person  if  he  was  taken

prisoner;  (2)  to  contribute  toward  the  ceremony  of  knighting  the  lord’s  eldest  son;  and  (3)  to

provide  a  suitable  portion  to  the  lord’s  eldest  daughter  when  she  married.  3.  Assistance  in

defending a lawsuit in which the plaintiff also has a claim against an unsued third party having a

joint interest in the defense. [Blacks Law 8th]