agistment  (<<schwa>>-jist-m<<schwa>>nt).1.  A  type  of  bailment  in  which  a  person,  for  a

fee, allows animals to graze on his or her pasture; the taking in of cattle or other livestock to feed

at  a  per-animal  rate.  [Cases:  Animals    21.  C.J.S.  Animals  §  46.]  2.  A  charge  levied  upon  the

owner or occupier of land. — Also termed gisement. See TITHE OF AGISTMENT.

agistment  of  sea-banks.Hist.  A  charge  on  land  used  to  pay  for  the  upkeep  of  dikes  that

prevent the encroachment of the sea. [Blacks Law 8th]