agenda. A list of things to be done, as items to be considered at a meeting, usu. arranged in

order  of  consideration.  —  Also  termed  calendar;  calendar  of  business;  order  of  business.  Cf.


consent agenda.See consent calendar under CALENDAR(4).

debate agenda.See debate calendar under CALENDAR(4).

final agenda.An agenda that a deliberative assembly has adopted, or that has been adopted for

a deliberative assembly by an officer or board charged with setting such an agenda.

proposed agenda.An agenda offered, usu. with the notice calling the meeting that the agenda

covers, for a deli-berative assembly’s consideration. — Also termed tentative agenda.

report agenda.See report calendar under CALENDAR(4).

special-order agenda.See special-order calendar under CALENDAR(4).

tentative agenda.See proposed agenda.

unanimous-consent agenda.See consent calendar under CALENDAR(4). [Blacks Law 8th]