after-acquired  property.  1.Secured  transactions.  A  debtor’s  property  that  is  acquired  after  a

security  transaction  and  becomes  additional  security  for  payment  of  the  debt. UCC §  9-204.  —

Also  termed  future-acquired  property.  [Cases:  Secured  Transactions    13,  116.  C.J.S.  Secured

Transactions  §§  12,  85.]  2.Bankruptcy.  Property  that  the  bankruptcy  estate  acquires  after A

commencement of the bankruptcy proceeding. 11 USCA § 541(a)(7). [Cases: Bankruptcy    2558.

C.J.S. Bankruptcy §§ 120, 122.] 3.Wills & estates. Property acquired by a person after making a

will.  •  The  old  rule  was  that  a  testamentary  gift  of  personal  property  spoke  at  the  time  of  the

testator’s  death,  whereas  a  gift  of  lands  spoke  from  the  date  of  the  will’s  execution  (so  that

after-acquired  property  was  not  disposed  of),  but  this  has  been  changed  by  legislation  in  most

states. [Cases: Wills    8, 578. C.J.S. Wills §§ 53, 55–56, 1099–1104.] [Blacks Law 8th]