adverse possession. 1. The use or enjoyment of real property with a claim of right when that

use  or  enjoyment is continuous, exclusive,  hostile,  open,  and  notorious. •  In  Louisiana,  it is the

detention or enjoyment of a corporeal thing with the intent to hold it as one’s own. La. Civ. Code

art. 3421. — Also termed adverse dominion. Cf. PRESCRIPTION(5). [Cases: Adverse Possession

1–95. C.J.S. Adverse Possession §§ 2–225, 263–299, 327–338; Conflict of Laws § 76.]

constructive  adverse  possession.  1.  Adverse  possession  in  which  the  claim  arises  from  the

claimant’s  payment  of  taxes  under  color  of  right  rather  than  by  actual  possession  of  the  land.

2.Louisiana  law.  Adverse  possession  by  operation  of  law.  • When  a  possessor  holds  title  to  the

property  and  corporeally  possesses  part  of  it,  the  possessor  is  deemed  to  have  constructive

possession  of  the  rest  of  the  property  described  in  the  title.  La.  Civ.  Code  art.  3426.  [Cases:

Adverse Possession    86–95. C.J.S. Adverse Possession §§ 210–225, 263, 265–267, 277, 279, 291,

293, 299.]

2. The doctrine by which title to real property is acquired as a result of such use or enjoyment

over a specified period of time. See POSSESSION. [Blacks Law 8th]