adversary  proceeding.  1.  A  hearing  involving  a  dispute  between  opposing  parties  <Judge

Adams presided over the adversary proceeding between the landlord and tenant>.2.Bankruptcy. A

lawsuit that is brought within a bankruptcy proceeding, governed by special procedural rules, and

based  on  conflicting  claims  usu.  between  the  debtor  (or  the  trustee)  and  a  creditor  or  other

interested  party  <the  Chapter  7  trustee  filed  an  adversary  proceeding  against  the  party  who

received  $100,000  from  the  debtor  one  week  before the  bankruptcy  filing>.  [Cases:  Bankruptcy

2156. C.J.S. Bankruptcy § 26.] [Blacks Law 8th]