adventure.  1.  A  commercial  undertaking  that  has  an  element  of  risk; a  venture. Cf.  JOINT

VENTURE. 2.Marine insurance. A voyage involving financial and insurable risk, as to a shipment

of goods. — Often shortened to venture. [Cases: Insurance    2214.]

common  adventure.  A  maritime  enterprise,  characterized  as  an  undertaking  in  which  all

participants, including  the  carrier,  everyone  with  an  interest in  the  cargo,  and  the  insurers  of  all

share the risks of the perils of the sea. • The principle of shared risk is fundamental to  maritime

law. — Also termed joint adventure; common venture.

gross adventure.A loan on bottomry, so called because the lender will be liable for the gross

(or general) average. See BOTTOMRY.

joint adventure. 1. See common adventure. 2. See JOINT VENTURE. [Blacks Law 8th]