adrogation  (ad-roh-gay-sh<<schwa>>n),  n.[fr.  Latin  arrogatio  (a-roh-gay-shee-oh)]  Roman

law.  An  adoption  of  a  person  of  full  capacity  (sui  juris)  into  another  family.  —  Also  termed

adrogatio (ad-roh-gay-shee-oh). Cf. ADOPTION (3). — adrogate,vb.

“When  the  person  to  be  adopted  was  sui juris,  and  not in  the  power  of  a  paterfamilias, the

ceremony of adoption was called adrogatio.” Lord Mackenzie, Studies in Roman Law 132 (John

Kirkpatrick ed., 7th ed. 1898). [Blacks Law 8th]