admonition  (ad-m<<schwa>>-nish-<<schwa>>n),  n.1.  Any  authoritative  advice  or  caution

from  the  court  to  the  jury  regarding  their  duty  as  jurors  or  the  admissibility  of  evidence  for

consideration <the judge’s admonition that the jurors not discuss the case until they are charged>.

[Cases: Criminal  Law    852; Trial    133.6. C.J.S. Criminal  Law § 1371; Trial§§ 331–332.] 2.  A

reprimand  or cautionary statement addressed  to  counsel by a judge <the judge’s admonition  that

the  lawyer  stop  speaking  out of  turn>.  [Cases:  Criminal  Law    730; Trial    133.4.  C.J.S. Trial §

331.] 3.Eccles. law. An authoritatively issued warning or censure. — admonish (ad-mon-ish), vb.

— admonitory (ad-mon-<<schwa>>-tor-ee), adj. [Blacks Law 8th]