admiralty  (ad-m<<schwa>>-r<<schwa>>l-tee),  n.1.  A  court  that  exercises  jurisdiction  over

all  maritime  contracts,  torts,  injuries,  or  offenses.  •  The  federal  courts  are  so  called  when

exercising their admiralty jurisdiction, which is conferred by the U.S. Constitution (art. III, § 2, cl.

1).  —  Also  termed  admiralty  court;  maritime  court.  [Cases:  Admiralty    1.C.J.S.  Admiralty  §§

2–12,  33,  37,  41,  69–70,  83,  280.]  2.  The  system  of  jurisprudence  that  has  grown  out  of  the

practice  of  admiralty courts; MARITIME  LAW.  3.  Narrowly,  the  rules  governing  contract, tort,

and  workers’-compensation  claims arising  out of  commerce on  or over  navigable water. — Also

termed (in senses 2 & 3) admiralty law. — admiralty,adj. [Blacks Law 8th]