Administrative  Office  of  the  United  States  Courts.An  office  in  the  judicial  branch  of  the

federal  government  responsible  for  administering  the  nonjudicial  business  of  the  federal  courts

(except  the  Supreme  Court),  disbursing  funds,  collecting  statistics,  fixing  certain  salaries,  and

purchasing  supplies  and  equipment.  •  Created  in  1939,  the  Office  is  supervised  by  the  Judicial

Conference of the United States.28 USCA §§ 601 et seq. — Abbr. AOUSC; AO. See JUDICIAL

CONFERENCE OF THE UNITED STATES. [Cases: Courts    55. C.J.S. Courts §§ 107–109.] [Blacks Law 8th]