admeasurement (ad-mezh-<<schwa>>r-m<<schwa>>nt), n.1. Ascertainment, assignment, or

apportionment  by  a  fixed  quantity  or  value,  or  by  certain  limits  <the  ship’s  admeasurement  is

based on its crew, engine, and capac-ity>.2. A writ obtained for purposes of ascertaining, assigning,

or  apportioning  a  fixed  quantity  or  value  or  to  establish  limits;  esp.,  a  writ  available  against

persons    who    usurp    more    than    their    rightful    share    of    property.    —    admeasure

(ad-mezh-<<schwa>>r), vb.

admeasurement of dower.Hist. A writ to recover property from a widow who held more than

she was entitled to. — Also termed admensuratione dotis.

admeasurement  of  pasture.Hist.  A  writ  against  a  person  whose  cattle  have  overgrazed  a

common pasture. [Blacks Law 8th]