adjective   law   (aj-ik-tiv).   The   body   of   rules   governing   procedure   and   practice;

PROCEDURAL  LAW. — Also termed adjectival law. [Cases: Action    1.C.J.S. Actions §§ 2–9,

11, 17, 21, 32–33, 36.]

“The body of law in a State consists of two parts, substantive and adjective law. The former

prescribes those rules of civil conduct which declare the rights and duties of all who are subject to

the law. The latter relates to the remedial agencies and procedure by which rights are maintained,

their  invasion  redressed,  and  the  methods  by  which  such  results  are  accomplished  in  judicial

tribunals.” Edwin E. Bryant, The Law of Pleading Under the Codes of Civil Procedure 1 (2d ed.

1899). [Blacks Law 8th]