adhere,vb.1. (Of one house in a bicameral legislature) to reject the other house’s insistence on

a  difference  in  legislation  that  has  passed  both  houses,  without  requesting  a  conference.  Cf.


“When both houses have insisted [on differing views about an amendment] without a request

for conference, it is also in order to move to adhere. Adoption of a motion to adhere represents an

unyielding attitude of the adopting house. It is unparliamentary for an adhering house to request a

conference;  however,  the  other  house  may  continue  to  insist  and  request  a  conference.  It  is  in

order  for  an  adhering  house  to  recede  from  its  adherence  and  agree  to  a  conference.”  National

Conference  of  State  Legislatures,  Mason’s  Manual  of  Legislative  Procedure  §  768,  at  556–57


2.Scots  law.  To  live  together  as  husband  and  wife.  3.Scots  law.  (Of  an  appellate  court)  to

affirm a lower court’s judgment. — adherence,n. [Blacks Law 8th]