adequate  protection.Bankruptcy.  The  protection  afforded  to  a  holder  of  a  secured  claim

against the  debtor,  such  as  a  periodic  cash  payment  or  an  additional  lien  <the  bankruptcy  court

permitted the lender to foreclose on the debtor’s home after finding a lack of adequate protection

of the lender’s property interest>.11 USCA § 361. [Cases: Bankruptcy    3062.C.J.S. Bankruptcy §


“Bankruptcy  intends  to  safeguard  secured  creditors‘  encumbrances,  but  the  stay  threatens

them  by  preventing  the  secured  creditors  from  foreclosing  or  taking  other  actions  to  apply  the

property’s value against the secured debt. Bankruptcy aims to guard against this threat by ordering

relief  …  for  lack  of  adequate  protection  of  the  secured  interest.”  David  G.  Epstein  et  al.,

Bankruptcy § 3-27, at 140 (1993). [Blacks Law 8th]