adeo (ad-ee-oh). [Latin] So; as.


adequacy   of   disclosure.Patents.   Satisfaction   of   the   statutory   requirements   that   the

specification in a patent application (1) gives enough detailed information to enable one skilled in

the art to make and use the claimed invention (the enablement requirement); (2) discloses the best

way  the  inventor  knows  to  make  and  use  the  invention  (the  best-mode  requirement);  and  (3)

shows that the inventor was in full possession of the claimed invention on the application’s filing

date  (the  written-description  requirement).  •  A  patent  that  fails  to  meet  any  one  of  these

requirements  may  be  rejected  under  35  USCA  §  112.  Any  issued  patent  with  an  inadequate

disclosure is invalid, although the challenger has to overcome the presumption of validity. — Also

termed   sufficiency   of   disclosure.   See   ENABLEMENT   REQUIREMENT;   BEST-MODE

REQUIREMENT. [Cases: Patents    99.C.J.S. Patents § 139.] [Blacks Law 8th]