ad valorem tax

[Cases: Theaters and Shows 3. C.J.S. Entertainment and Amusement; Sports§§ 18–19, 22,
25–37.] A tax imposed proportionally on the value of something (esp. real property),
rather than on its quantity or some other measure. [Cases: Taxation 1. C.J.S. Taxation §§ 1–3, 5–6.] “[A]n ad valorem tax is a tax of a fixed proportion of the value of the property with respect to which the tax is assessed, and requires the intervention of assessors or appraisers to estimate the value of such property before the amount due from each taxpayer can be determined.” 71 Am. Jur. 2d State and Local Taxation §§ 20, at 355 (1973).
[Blacks Law 8th]