ad   reprimendam   improbitatem   huius   generis   hominum   (ad   rep-ri-men-d<<schwa>>m

im-proh-bi-tay-t<<schwa>>m     hI-<<schwa>>s     [or     hwI-<<schwa>>s]     jen-<<schwa>>-ris

hom-<<schwa>>-n<<schwa>>m).  [Latin]  Hist. To  repress the  dishonesty  of  this class  of  men.  •

The phrase appeared in reference to obligations that the law imposed on certain persons (such as

innkeepers)  because  they  were  in  a  unique  position  to  receive  and  misappropriate  valuables

entrusted to them. Cf. NAUTAE, CAUPONES, STABULARII. [Blacks Law 8th]