ad factum praestandum (ad fak-t<<schwa>>m pree-stan-d<<schwa>>m). [Law Latin “for the

performance  of  a  particular  act”]  Scots  law.  An  obligation  to  perform  an  act  other  than  paying

money; an obligation that must be strictly fulfilled (such as to hand over a vase sold).

“In  popular  language  almost  all  obligations  may  be  said  to  be  of  this  class,  but  there  are

obligations of a peculiar character which alone are denoted by the legal signification of this phrase.

The obligation of a debtor is clearly one for the performance of a certain act, namely, the payment

of  his debt; but a decree at the  instance of his creditor  would not be termed a  decree ad factum

praestandum.  An obligation ad factum  praestandum is one  for the  per-formance of an act within

the power of the obligant ….” John Trayner, Trayner’s Latin Maxims 27 (4th ed. 1894). [Blacks Law 8th]