actually litigated.(Of a claim that might be barred by collateral estoppel) properly raised in an

earlier lawsuit, submitted to the court for a determination, and determined. • A party is barred by

the  doctrine  of  collateral  es-toppel  from  relitigating  an  issue  that  was  actually  litigated  —  usu.

including  by  summary  judgment  but  not  nec-essarily  by  default  judgment  —  in  an  earlier  suit

involving  the  same  parties,  even  if  that  suit  involved  different  claims.Restatement  (Second)  of

Judgments § 27 cmt. d (1980). [Cases: Judgment    720. C.J.S. Judgments §§ 757, 803, 813.] [Blacks Law 8th]