actio (ak-shee-oh alsoak-tee-oh), n.[Latin] 1.Roman & civil law. An action; a right or claim. 2.

A  right  of  action.  [Cases:  Action    1.  C.J.S.  Actions  §§  2–9,  11,  17,  21,  32–33,  36.]  3.Hist.  At

common law, a lawsuit. Pl. actiones (ak-shee-oh-neez).

actio  ad  exhibendum  (ak-shee-oh  ad  ek-si-ben-d<<schwa>>m).Roman  law.  An  action  to

compel a defendant to produce property so as to establish that it is in the defendant’s possession.

Pl. actiones ad exhibendum.

actio      aestimatoria      (ak-shee-oh      es-ti-m<<schwa>>-tor-ee-<<schwa>>).      See      DE [Blacks Law 8th]