acquisition,n.1.  The  gaining  of  possession  or  control  over  something  <  acquisition  of  the

target company’s as-sets>.2. Something acquired <a valuable acquisition>.

creeping  acquisition.The  gradual  purchase  of  a  corporation’s  stock  at  varying  prices  on  the

open market. • As a takeover method, a creeping acquisition does not involve a formal tender offer,

although the SEC may classify it as such for regulatory purposes. — Also termed creeping tender

derivative acquisition.An acquisition obtained from another, as by sale or gift.

new acquisition.An  estate  not originating  from  descent, devise,  or  gift from  the  parental  or

maternal  line  of  the  owner.  •  For  example,  an  estate  acquired  from  a  nonrelative  is  a  new

acquisition. See nonancestral estate under ESTATE (1).

original acquisition.An acquisition that has never been the property of anyone else, such as a

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