accrue (<<schwa>>-kroo), vb.1. To come into existence as an enforceable claim or right; to

arise  <the  plaintiff’s  cause  of  action  for  silicosis  did  not  accrue  until  the  plaintiff  knew  or  had

reason  to  know  of  the  disease>.  [Cases:  Action    61;  Limitation  of  Actions    43–114.  C.J.S.

Actions  §§  230–234;  Contracts  §  582;  Employ-er–Employee  Relationship  §  87;  Limitations  of

Actions §§ 21, 81–195, 197–212, 303; Physicians, Surgeons, and Other Health-Care Providers §

108; RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) § 16.]

“The term ‘accrue’ in the context of a cause of action means to arrive, to commence, to come

into existence, or to become a present enforceable demand or right. The time of accrual of a cause

of action is a question of fact.” 2 Ann Taylor Schwing, California Affirmative Defenses § 25:3, at

17–18 (2d ed. 1996).

2. To accumulate periodically <the savings-account interest accrues monthly>. — accrual,n. [Blacks Law 8th]