accretion (<<schwa>>-kree-sh<<schwa>>n).1. The  gradual accumulation of land by natural

forces, esp.  as  alluvium  is added  to  land  situated  on  the  bank  of  a  river  or  on  the  seashore. Cf.

ALLUVION;  AVULSION(2);  DELICTION;  EROSION.  [Cases:  Navigable Waters    44; Waters

and  Water  Courses    93.C.J.S.  Navigable  Waters  §  94;  Waters  §§  177–182,  184–185.]  2.  Any

increase  in  trust  property  other  than  increases  ordinarily  considered  as  income.  [Cases:  Trusts

272–274.  C.J.S.  Trover  and  Conversion  §§  510,  539–554.]  3.Civil  law.  The  right  of  heirs  or

legatees to unite their shares of the estate with the portion of any coheirs or legatees who do not

accept their portion, fail to comply with a condition, or die before the testator. 4. A beneficiary’s

gain  through  the  failure  of  a  coheir  or  colegatee  to  take  his  or  her  share.  5.Scots  law.  The

perfection of an imperfect or defective title by some act by the person who conveyed title to the

current holder. — accretive, accretionary,adj. [Blacks Law 8th]