acceleration,n.1.  The  advancing  of  a  loan  agreement’s  maturity  date so  that  payment  of  the

entire debt is due immediately. [Cases: Bills and Notes    129(2). C.J.S. Bills and Notes; Letters of

Credit  §§  76,  92–100.]  2.  The  shortening  of  the  time  for  vesting  in  possession  of  an  expectant

interest. — Also termed acceleration of remainder. [Cases: Remainders    5. C.J.S. Estates §§ 77,

80.] 3.Property. The hastening of an owner’s time for enjoyment of an estate because of the failure

of a preceding estate. 4.Securities. The SEC’s expediting of a registration statement’s effective date

so that the registrant bypasses the required 20-day waiting period. — accelerate,vb. [Blacks Law 8th]