abutter (<<schwa>>-b<<schwa>>t-<<schwa>>r).1. The owner of adjoining land; one whose

property  abuts  another’s.  [Cases:  Adjoining  Landowners    1.C.J.S.  Adjoining  Landowners  §§  2,

6–8, 39.]

“The  major  right  of  [an  abutter]  is  that  of  access  to  his  property  —  a  right  of  reasonable

ingress  and  egress.  He  is  entitled  to  compensation  for  any  substantial  impairment  of  this

reasonable access. The right normally includes the right to have, at some point, a driveway onto

his  premises.  An  abutter  does  not  have  the  right  to  the  continued  flow  of  traffic  in  the  same

amount or pattern past his premises.” Osborne M. Reynolds Jr., Handbook of Local Gov-ernment

Law § 180, at 620 (1982).

2. Land that adjoins the land in question. [Blacks Law 8th]