abuse  of  process.The  improper  and  tortious  use  of  a  legitimately  issued  court  process  to

obtain a result that is either unlawful or beyond the process’s scope. — Also termed abuse of legal

process; malicious abuse of process; malicious abuse of legal process; wrongful process; wrongful

process of law. Cf. MALICIOUS PROSECUTION. [Cases: Process    168–171. C.J.S. Process §§


“One  who  uses  a  legal  process,  whether  criminal  or  civil,  against  another  primarily  to

accomplish  a  purpose  for  which  it  is  not  designed  is  subject  to  liability  to  the  other  for  harm

caused by the abuse of process.” Restatement (Second) of Torts § 682 (1977). [Blacks Law 8th]