abstract,n.1.  A  concise  statement  of  a  text,  esp.  of  a  legal  document;  a  summary.  See

ABSTRACT OF JUDG-MENT; ABSTRACT OF TITLE. 2.Patents. A one-paragraph summary of

an  invention’s  design  and  function,  including  its  nature,  structure,  purpose,  and  novelty.  •  The

abstract is a required part of a patent application, and also appears on the front page of the patent

itself.  It may  not exceed 150 words. For the  purpose  of  determining adequacy of  disclosure, the

abstract is considered to be part of the specification. See 35 USCA § 112. — Also termed abstract

of the disclosure; abstract of the specification. [Cases: Patents    99. C.J.S. Patents § 139.] [Blacks Law 8th]