abstract  of  title.A  concise  statement,  usu.  prepared  for  a  mortgagee  or  purchaser  of  real

property,  summarizing  the  history  of  a  piece  of  land,  including  all  conveyances, interests, liens,

and  encumbrances  that  affect  title  to  the  property.  —  Also  termed  brief;  brief  of  title.  [Cases:

Abstracts of Title    1. C.J.S. Abstracts of Title §§ 2–3, 5.]

good  and  merchantable  abstract  of  title.An  abstract  of  title  showing  clear,  good,  and

marketable title, rather than showing only the history of the property. See clear title, good title, and

marketable title under TITLE(2). [Blacks Law 8th]