absorption,n.1. The act or process of including or incorporating a thing into something else;

esp., the application of rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to actions by the states. 2.Int’l

law. The merger of one nation into another, whether voluntarily or by subjugation. 3.Labor law. In

a postmerger collective-bargaining agreement, a provision allowing seniority for  union  members

in  the  resulting  entity.  4.Real  estate.  The  rate  at  which  property  will  be  leased  or  sold  on  the

market  at  a  given  time.  5.Commercial  law.  A  sales  method  by  which  a  manufacturer  pays  the

reseller’s freight costs, which the manufacturer accounts for before quoting the reseller a price. —

Also termed (in sense 5) freight absorption. — absorb,vb. [Blacks Law 8th]