absentee,n.1. A person who is away from his or her usual residence; one who is absent. 2. A

person  who  is  not  present  where  expected.  3.  A  person  who  either  resides  out  of  state  or  has

departed from the state without having a representative there.

“Generally,  a  person  is  an  absentee  when  he  is  absent  from  his  domicile  or  usual  place  of

residence; but in light of pertinent statutes he is an absentee when he is without the state and has

no representative therein.” 1 C.J.S. Ab-sentee § 2, at 339 (1985).

absentee,adj. Having the characteristics of an absentee <absentee voter>.

absentee,adv. In an absentee manner <Debby voted absentee>. [Blacks Law 8th]