abjuration (ab-juu-ray-sh<<schwa>>n), n. A renouncing by oath.
abjuration of the realm.An oath taken to leave the realm forever.
“If a malefactor took refuge [in sanctuary] … the coroner came and parleyed with the refugee,
who had his choice between submitting to trial and abjuring the realm. If he chose the latter course,
he hurried dressed in pilgrim’s guise to the port that was assigned to him, and left England, being
bound by his oath never to return. His lands escheated; his chattels were forfeited, and if he came
back his fate was that of an outlaw.” 2 Frederick Pollock & Frederic W. Maitland, History of
English Law Before the Time of Edward I 590 (2d ed. 1899).
oath of abjuration.English law. An oath renouncing all right of descendants of a pretender to
the Crown.