a.1. (usu. cap. & often ital.) A hypothetical person .2. [Latin] From;
by; in; on; of; at. 3.[Law Latin] With. 4.[Law French] Of; at; to; for; in; with. 5.Securities. A letter
used in a newspaper stock-transaction table to indicate that cash was paid during the year in
addition to regular dividends. 6.Securities. A letter used in a newspaper mutual-fund transaction
table to indicate a yield that may include capital gains and losses as well as current interest. 7.
(cap.) Securities. A letter used in a newspaper corporate earnings report to identify the American
Stock Exchange as the primary market of a firm’s common stock. 8. (cap.) Securities. An
above-average grade given to a debt obligation by a rating agency. • The grades, as ranked by
Standard & Poor’s, range from AAA (highest) down to CCC. The equivalent standards from
Moody’s are Aaa, Aa, A, Baa, and so on down to C. 9.Marine insurance. A rating assigned in
Lloyd’s Register of Shipping to ships considered to be in first-class condition.
10.abbr.ADVERSUS. 11.(cap.) Hist. A scarlet letter worn as punishment by a person con-victed of
adultery. 12.Roman law. An abbreviation for absolvo written on wooden tablets by criminal-court
judges to indicate a vote for acquittal. 13.Roman law. An abbreviation for antiquo (“for the old
law”) written on wooden tablets by the participants in a popular assembly to indicate a vote
against a proposed bill.
[Blacks Law 8th]