a libello ut libellatur (ay l<<schwa>>-bel-oh <<schwa>>t lib-<<schwa>>-lay-t<< schwa>>r).

[Law  Latin]  Hist.  From  the  libel  as  laid.  •  The  phrase  appeared  in  a  dismissal  in  favor  of  a


alibi   (al-<<schwa>>-bI),   n.[Latin   “elsewhere”]   1.   A   defense   based   on   the   physical

impossibility of a defendant’s guilt by placing the defendant in a location other than the scene of

the crime at the relevant time. Fed. R. Crim. P. 12.1. [Cases: Criminal Law    31.5. C.J.S. Criminal

Law § 87.] 2. The fact or state of having been elsewhere when an offense was committed.

alibi,vb. To offer or provide an alibi for <the conspirators alibied for each other>. [Blacks Law 8th]